Crystals and Manifestation

Do you ever feel like you don’t ever get what you want? But what if that’s just an illusion you’re allowing yourself to see and you ACTUALLY do receive what you ask for, it’s just in another unexpected form?
Once I stopped believing that nothing goes my way, I began to reflect on WHAT HAS. When was a time I thought I couldn’t manifest but I’m reality that’s all I was doing. The universe brought me all that I asked for, I was just too blind to accept the form it came to me. My name is Leah, and I am the Owner and Healer of Dark Moon Crystals and I have been using crystals, unintentionally, for 20 years and intentionally for 5 years. What do I mean I have unintentionally been using crystals? Simply put, I’ve been drawn to them since I was a child and always thought ‘Wow, this is so pretty and makes me feel a certain way,’ little did I know I was matching my vibrational frequency with the crystal’s. As my spirituality grew, as I grew, as I learned who I truly was as a human being inside and out, the pull to crystals magnified. We were and have become an unstoppable force. I started nourishing my crystals, as they nourished me. Bathed them in sunlight and moonlight, gave them a purpose (as they gave to me), and started setting my intentions with them to enforce my manifestations. Since I’ve been utilising Mother Earth’s elements around me, my life has become a vision of everything I wanted to receive, everything I wanted and want to be, thus far.
When New Moons approach, every lunar cycle, I like to reset my intentions with each of my crystals. I write down what I want to manifest and what my goals are for that month and I I hold them to my heart and speak these intentions to the crystals and keep their individual love notes with them. I do this as a daily process to really solidify what I want the outcome to be once these thoughts come to fruition.
As I’ve let my mind expand and become open to other ways of receiving the gifts I’ve asked for, I’ve simultaneously taken the pressure off myself and essentially the Universe. Since I have received these gifts, in an unexpected way, but I simply didn’t make the connection that it’s exactly what I asked for then, I would tend to be hard on myself and ask, ‘Am I not manifesting correctly? Is there a correct way to manifest? Do I want it TOO BADLY?’ But my suggestion is, let all these notions GO. Look around you, open your eyes, ears and mind just a little more and truly be open (don’t just think that you are) to what you are receiving from these crystal creatures. Know that you will match your energy frequencies and attract the same vibrations in return. Be clear and be firm.
When the next New Moon approaches, try these methods and journal your observations, it’s then when you see it in a physical form that you can begin to connect the dots.
“New Moon Ritual”
Gather the crystals you’re vibing with and the energy that’s suits you and your current position going into the New Moon.
Grab a journal and some loose-leaf sheets of blank paper and write down on individual scraps what you would like to manifest.
Place each scrap of paper with a different crystal of your choosing and begin to make your connection with that specific crystal and its new intention. Hold it to your heart and repeat the words as many times as you feel necessary. Once this connection is made, keep the scrap of paper with the crystal.
Repeat daily until the Full Moon.

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