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Dark Moon Crystals


Dark Moon Crystals

We are dedicated to procuring a wide variety of unique and sought after crystals that are sourced sustainably and ethically from around the globe. I am your personal Crystal Guardian matching you with your new crystals specific vibrational frequencies. Each crystal is intuitively hand-selected to ensure it contains the energetics aligned with my clientele.

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Tarot & Oracle Decks

Harness your intuition with our tarot and oracle decks created by Dark Moon Crystals.

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Get your crystalline energies on a budget. Shop your favourite crystals that are $25 and under.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Dark Moon Crystals provides the BEST, and I mean THE BEST quality crystals in Melbourne. Not only that, the service is also EXCEPTIONAL! They always choose the best stones for you and I will definitely buy more in the near future. Highly highly highly recommended!!!
— Yenny P.
Customer reviews
Honestly? I've bought a lot of crystals from a lot of places. But the minute I connected with Leah? It was like a soul sister and her crystals blew my mind. The energy that comes from all her beautiful work is so intense. I can happily sit here all day and feel the energy from them.
— Lisa M.
Customer reviews
I cannot recommend highly of Leah and Dark Moon Crystals. Leah is the most special soul and crystal guardian that has the most incredible and amazing rare pieces of crystals I’ve ever stumbled across. High in both quality and beauty all of the crystals I have purchased have never failed to disappoint.
— Gabrielle

We're proud of what we do

Our goal is to provide you with high vibrational crystals that help raise your frequency, to assist you in living in alignment with your higher self. We also create mindful divination tools to help instigate your awakenings and deepen your connection with Source and self.

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle is a portal into the esoteric world of crystal healing and celestial influence. Captivating and symbolic imagery transports the reader to high frequency realms, cultivating a deeper connection to source and self.

Terra Qi Goddess Oracle

The spirit of the goddess resides within each of us. These cards have been created to illuminate the path towards collective soul activation and bring forth feminine empowerment, transformation and healing.

the knowledge you seek is seeking you

Starlight Frequencies Oracle

This time is powerful. The veil between fear and the truth is thin and you are being called to be the seeker. You are being called to cut through this veil and illuminate your light upon the shadows. You are in a state of soul remembrance and in this state you hold the keys to unlock the doors of your past lives, your current life and your future realities. You are an important part of bringing the New Earth to all those who yet not know all its possibilities. 

your intuition is your guiding light

True North Tarot

This deck is highly activating for the intuitive energy centres. It’s that moment you take and eternalise it into a memory. Photographs take you back to that specific place, in our concept of time, to relive that memory you once held dear. Combining these captures and the classic symbolism of tarot, True Norht Tarot will immerse you into these moments to gain guidance for life’s other big moments and everyday living. 

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