Crystal Rituals by the Moon has been created as not only as a guide for beginners, but for seasoned crystal collectors and healers. Leah Shoman has used her own crystal healing journey to inspire and motivate the collective into connecting to their own in

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Crystal Rituals by the Moon

We are dedicated to procuring a wide variety of unique and sought after crystals that are sourced sustainably and ethically from around the globe.

I am your personal Crystal Guardian matching you with your new crystals specific vibrational frequencies. Each crystal is intuitively hand-selected to ensure it contains the energetics aligned with my clientele.

Shop your favourite crystals that are $25 and under.

Get your crystalline energies on a budget.

Honestly? I've bought a lot of crystals from a lot of places. But the minute I connected with Leah? It was like a soul sister and her crystals blew my mind. The energy that comes from all her beautiful work is so intense. I can happily sit here all day and feel the energy from them.

Lisa M.

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Our goal is to provide you with high vibrational crystals that help raise your frequency, to assist you in living in alignment with your higher self. We also create mindful divination tools to help instigate your awakenings and deepen your connection with Source and self.



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