☾ Crystals for the Lunar Eclipse ☾

This current lunar and solar eclipse season in Gemini/Sagittarius might be affecting us all differently, especially for people, like myself, with placements in Gemini and Sagittarius. I personally am a Sag Moon Gemini Rising with also being a Sag Dominant, so I have a lot going on this time!

These are the crystals I’ve been keeping near me, since last Friday,  to ensure my vibrations were headed down the right path and remain there…



Crystals for Lunar Eclipse

I wanted to bring a lot of calming, cleansing, balancing, stabilising and protective energies because let’s face it, eclipse’s can be erratic. I also don’t always bode well with a Full Moon, that’s why this has been a tried and tested trinity combo that I’m really enjoying.


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