3 Best Crystals for Banishing Evil and Negativity

When I’ve been feeling energetically HEAVY...

As an intuitive empath and a reflector (by human design) I absorb and retain energies like you wouldn’t believe, until I acknowledge what is not my own and release it.

You will constantly see me posting and spreading knowledge about protective and grounding crystals, not only because I think they’re necessary for absolutely everyone, but even if you don’t feel it as strongly as I do - you hold the energy of others and it is important to practice letting them go.

Silver Obsidian Dark Moon Crystals


Today, I’m going to talk about banishing the negative energies or entities that others place on us cognisantly with malicious intent and subconsciously.

How do you recognise these malicious feelings that are not your own?

You can feel heavy - perhaps particularly in your chest/heart centre or pressure in your head and neck (typically where I feel mine).
You can feel overwhelmed and unsure where the origin of this overwhelm is stemming from.
You can feel irrationally angry, frustrated and contempt.
You can begin to constantly feel negatively about everything and not understand why these feelings are coming up for you.
You can begin to experience blockages in your life, ones that you didn’t foresee happening.


Disclaimer - Now, mind you, this is my own personal experience with malicious intent and negative energies being placed upon me. This can manifest in so many different ways and will vary person to person.

Here are the 3 best crystals that I used this morning to cleanse my auric field and banish this ill-placed negativity.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Points

I would suggest creating a ritual with these 3 crystals and repeat the following 3 times or as many times as you feel called to do so:

You hold no power over me.
I relinquish none of my personal power to you.
I cleanse my auric field and I do not allow you to place ill intent upon me again.


Last tip, I also included Feathers into my ritual as I was called to do so by my Spirit Guides.

Love, Leah
Owner of Dark Moon Crystals

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