2020 has been a wild ride, everyone knows this by now, but it was a wild ride filled with awakenings and enlightenment. Now is the time to keep shifting, keep aligning and opening our energies to heal the collective. 2021 is a powerful year full of more powerful change and I want to invite you to tap into this power. This power you can harness from Mother Earth and the gifts she so generously shares with us; Crystals. Whether you’ve been working with crystals for lifetimes or you’re just finding your footing, this gift guide for moving into 2021 will be sure to assist you in gifting for not only yourself, but for your loved ones.

I am Leah, the owner and intuitive behind Dark Moon Crystals and I hope that this guide can help you find the perfect gift while gaining more insight about crystals as well as ticking the 'shop small' box!


Gifts to Enhance the Energetics of your Home

Our homes are a symbol of our sanctuary, where we come to feel loved, comfort and warmth. Placing crystals around the home makes this space even more sacred and special by emitting frequencies that keep you balanced, stress-free and at peace. These crystals are the perfect gift or anyone on a crystal knowledge sliding scale because all you have to do is place these crystals anywhere in your home to begin receiving its vibes!

I recommend placing crystal generators, obelisks and points on any of your sacred altar spaces, fireplace mantles and/or windowsills in any room. These crystals shapes work their magic by absorbing energy from their base and it flows directly through the tip and its facets to emit its frequencies, making these great crystals for localised good vibes! Just make sure your crystals of choice can handle direct sunlight if placing in your windowsill for extended periods of time. 

Flower agate generators at Dark Moon Crystals

Crystal Geodes contains big, beautiful energy which makes them wonderful to place around the home. They have very powerful absorption properties that can transform energies into healing and protective vibrations. I like to place geodes near entry/doorways and in corners of specific rooms like the family/living room and bedroom areas, as it can provide you with a barrier from the outside world.

Crystal clusters are a beautiful formation to keep around the home and even your office space, since clusters can radiate and emit energy through each terminated point in every direction. They are also able to absorb and transmute negative energy, in your environment, to a higher, more positive unifying frequency.

Crystal Clusters at Dark Moon Crystals


Gifts Protection of your Energy and Environment

We’re all guilty of sometimes not being firm enough with our boundaries and allowing the energy of others to take over our own presence and environment. I always recommend having an energetic layer of protection in my home and on my person. This allows me to keep a barrier around my energy release the energy of others that does not serve me. My 3 favourite protection crystals that I always have on hand are black tourmaline, smoky quartz and malachite.


Gifts for Connection + Intuition

We are here on this Earth to be in service to one another, to our Highest Selves and our Highest Good. A gift that can strengthen your connection with the collective and with yourself is not only beautiful, but life changing and eye-opening. Three crystals that I always use to deepen my connections and enhance my intuition apophyllite, lemurian seeds and fire and ice.


Crystals with BIG Intention that won’t break the bank

2020 has hit a majority very hard and gifting seems like the last thing your wallet can handle, but remember money is energy; what we put out into the Universe is what we receive back and we must not fear the lack if you are experiencing that now. You’re probably rolling your eyes at me now and saying, “Ya, right OK, easy for you to say.” Trust me, as a small business owner I know the fear and the reality of having weeks go by without sales wondering when the next pay will come. The more I stewed in my lack mentality the worse it became until I finally LET GO and trust that the Universe is working for me, not against me. If you’re in a similar situation and still feel the need to gift this holiday season, I have 24 Crystal Kits,  $25 AUD and under, there’s literally a kit FOR everyone. They range from helping Reduce Stress + Anxiety,  Attracting Abundance, Speaking your Truth to a kit for each Zodiac Sign.

Spirit Guides Crystal Kit at Dark Moon Crystals

If you like selecting crystals yourself, I also offer a large variety of Palm + Tumbled Stones $20 AUD and under. Palm + Tumbled Stones are incredible pieces as they can be easily mobilised. You can keep them in your purse, pocket and even on display on a desk! If all else fails and you’re still stumped on what to give your loved ones, Gift Cards are always an option with amounts ranging from $10-$100 AUD.

Palm and Tumbled Stones at Dark Moon Crystals

Crystals are the gifts that keep on giving and I wish you all the most energetically aligned holiday season and shift into 2021 so please enjoy this EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Receive 15% OFF by entering coupon code: ‘GIFTING2020’ upon checkout.

Much Love,


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