About Dark Moon Crystals

Dark Moon Crystals is dedicated to procuring a wide variety of unique and sought after crystals that are sourced sustainably and ethically from around the globe. 

Owner Leah is a published author, Astral Realms Crystal Oracle and Crystal Rituals by the Moon. A tarot and oracle deck creator: Astral Realms Crystal Oracle, Starlight Frequencies Oracle, Terra Qi Goddess Oracle, True North Tarot, Wild Lands Tarot and Wisdom Within. As well as a light language crystal healer.

Each crystal that enters Dark Moon Crystals is intuitively hand-selected to ensure it contains the energetics aligned with for the collective. I can intuitively match you with your new crystals specific vibrational frequencies. 

Leah is also an intuitive crystal healer, light language healer and a channel. Everything she creates is a direct download from Source; they are channeled messages and information that the collective needs to hear at the given time when someone reaches her content. Leah works with light coded information that helps unlock sacred knowledge within your DNA to help instigate your awakenings.