Crystal grids are made by placing crystals in a geometric shape that focuses universal energy and energy of the crystals you select to create a specific flow of energy for your sacred spaces that are specified by your intentions. Placing your healing crystals in these specific geometric patterns strengthens your intentions and manifests them more quickly.

This Etheric Love Vibrational Crystal Grid is to focus on your heart and your head, melding the two together in beautiful harmony. I created this grid to help us expand our reach and connection to one another. Allow this grid to begin spreading this energy throughout your systems. Let it recharge you. Let its crystal healing light flow freely through your meridians.

Etheric Love Vibrational Crystal Grid

Here's to opening your heart centre - becoming unblocked, balanced and aligned emotionally and spiritually. 
Here's to using your innate gifts and intuition, to seeing what might not always be visible but allowing yourself to live in the deep knowing that lies within you. 


You can recreate it at home and place it in any space that you want to expand these etheric loving vibrational energies! Here's what I used to create this Etheric Love Vibrational Crystal Grid.

Defining Stones of the Crystal Grid

8 x Strawberry Quartz Tumbled Stones 

Used for: High Vibrational Energy, Universal Love + Understanding

12 x Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

Used for: Unconditional Love, Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

12 x Scolecite Tumbled Stones

Used for: Deeper Connection, Inner Peace

16 x Amethyst Points

Used for: Harnessing Intuition, Opening Third Eye Chakra

12 x Singing Quartz Points

Used for: Master Healer, Extract Negativity 

Centre of the Grid

Hematoid Sacred Geometry Cube

Used for: Balance Thoughts + Emotions, Healing White Light, Addressing your Shadow

4 Quadrants of the Grid

4 x Selenite Sticks

Used for: Protection, Good Luck, Strength, Healing Energy 


Love, Leah 
Owner of Dark Moon Crystals

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