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Small Spirit Quartz E

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Spirit Quartz also known as Fairy Quartz and is said to be the crystal of harmony and alignment. Spirit Quartz can come in 4 different types as Amethyst, Smoky, Citrine or White Quartz. Spirit Quartz is the bridge between you and your spiritual journey/path as it has extremely powerful and high vibrational energies. Spirit Quartz takes on the properties of which stone it is representing and continuously amplifies this energy through each and every point presented on the stone. White Spirit Quartz assists in revitalising your energies, cleanses and clears blockages and elongates the effects of spiritual healing work. Spirit Quartz is a great tool to use at home or at work in a group environment where you need to bring balance and harmony. 

Use Spirit Quartz during meditation to link yourself with the higher realms, as it enhances psychic energies. White Spirit Quartz is the most powerful out of all the options as activates, opens and connects to all the bodies’ chakras. 

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