Sardonyx Spheres


Sardonyx is used as a healing tool and also offers a shield of protection. If you’re looking for order in your life, Sardonyx is here to guide you onto the proper path. Sardonyx pushes you towards your goals and ensures you stay motivated along the way and surrounding you with positive vibes and energies.

Sardonyx is also a great stone to have when working on one’s relationships. It offers you aid in being open in your communication, understanding the other’s point of view and keeping the peace. Sardonyx helps you evaluate incoming information and evaluate the best way to take action, making a well-informed decision. 

Sardonyx would be best carried with you, worn or placed under you or a partners pillow to receive its full effects. Sardonyx is made up of Carnelian, an orange variation of Carnelian that is known as Sard and Onyx, in which this stone can take on the properties of both. 

  • I will intuitively select your Sardonyx Sphere for you

  • Each Crystal is unique, photos are a representation of what you will receive.