Ocean Jasper Tumbled Stones


Ocean Jasper is known as the “Stone of Joy,” bringing its calming and soothing water elements and delicate, soft healing colours. Ocean Jasper promotes deep relaxation and urges you to reconnect to your inner spirit and Mother Earth’s healing vibrations. Use Ocean Jasper during meditation to rejuvenate your spirit. be in a state of tranquillity and recharge your aura. Ocean Jasper is a stone that helps you vibrate higher and in turn helps you reach a state of higher consciousness and unconditional love. Ocean Jasper urges you to have a compassionate heart and to spread love by connecting with Mother Earth. If you’re having trouble confronting old emotional wounds and past trauma, keep Ocean Jasper with you to provide you with the strength to overcome your fears of facing these wounds. Ocean Jasper is another great stone to use in deep introspection. 

  • I will intuitively select your Ocean Jasper Tumbled Stone for you.