Malachite // Silky Malachite // Fibrous Malachite
Malachite // Silky Malachite // Fibrous Malachite

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Malachite (Silky) F

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Silky Malachite - Exceptional Quality

Malachite is known to be the “Stone of Transformation,” and is also a highly protective stone. Malachite helps protect you from negative entities and energies by creating a strong energetic barrier around your person and absorbing the unwanted energies. In doing this, Malachite promotes deep healing and positive transformations and brings up old emotions and past traumas  to the surface to be dealt with.

Malachite also aids in the development of your intuition and enhances your creativity. Malachite could also be used in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra to bring upon visions and when used with the Heart Chakra it can bring balance to your relationships. Since Malachite carries these negative energies, so you don’t have to, be sure to clear your Malachite often.