Laser Wand Singing Lemurian Quartz

Lemurain Seed Crystals aka Lemurain Quartz are said to have originated in an ancient civilization called Lemuria or Mu, which was located in the South Pacific, which is now beneath the sea, similar to Atlantis and even before Atlantis. Legend has it that Lemurians foresaw a cataclysmic catastrophe and stored their knowledge and their traditions in the Seed Crystals. It is said that the Lemurians left Earth for the stars and now they higher spirits or light beings.

Lemurian Seeds is either considered a communicator or a healer, with most being communicators. The establish communication with the Angels and Spirit Guides.
They contain High Vibrational Energy and are said to call upon the ancient Lemurians themselves when in meditation.

Use Lemurian Seeds during meditation, by placing the crystal in your right hand, and moving your thumbnail on the etchings along the side, starting at the bottom reaching the top etching to attune into the presence of your Spirit Guide. They will assist you in tapping into your intuitive energy and help you deal with complex situations/issue you may be encountering.
Let them guide you.
4.75CM L
Diamond Window 
Channel Face
Isis Face
Golden Healer
Self-Healed Base