Good Luck Kit ©
Good Luck Kit ©
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Good Luck Kit ©

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The perfect kit to bring you good luck!

Good Luck Crystal Kit Includes:

1 x Yellow Jade Tumbled Stone

1 x Labradorite Tumbled Stone

1 x Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone

1 x Carnelian Tumbled Stone

1 x Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

1 x Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone

Packed in a Dark Moon Crystals Ritual Keep Box along with an Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag.


Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that helps you release fear and anxiety. TE aids in finding harmony, balance and helps in taking action and making with decisions clear of your emotions.

Carnelian is the “Stone of Motivation,” as she aids and urges you take action towards your goals. Carnelian promotes making positive life choices to help you reach your end game. She restores your vitality, shares her courage and stimulates your creativity.

Rhodonite is the “Stone of Compassion + Forgiveness.” Rhodonite releases you from your emotional wounds from the past and brings upon emotional balance by dispelling old destructive and abusive behaviours.

Green Aventurine is called the “Stone of Opportunity,” as iit aligns your energies and intentions in a way that attracts wealth, success, good luck and of course opportunity.

Labradorite is iridescent in nature and highly mystical. Labradorite deflects negativity and unwanted energy from all those haters and acts as a barrier from energy leakage. Labradorite can help banish your fears and those all those insecure feelings lurking around in that beautiful brain of yours and strengthen your faith, once again, in the universe. Labradorite is your rock (pun intended) through whatever changes or transformations you may be going through.

Yellow Jade is a rarer form of Nephrite (Jade), which can range in colour from a lemon yellow to more of a dark golden hue. Yellow Jade harnesses its Fire Energies and pushes you to be more optimistic, to gain wisdom and intellect and to further your enthusiasm for life and your work. Yellow Jade brings you an air of self-confidence, to dispel your doubts and ward of any harmful or negative energies. Yellow Jade also is said to attract good fortune, good luck and happiness. Yellow Jade also heavily promotes a healthy relationship and provides you with emotional stability.

  • All crystals are unique and have their own shape and color variation. Photos are an example of what you will receive.
  • Disclaimer: Please always consult a medical professional before replacing your traditional treatment with healing crystals. 

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