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Prehnite Geode E

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Prehnite with Calcite and Quartz - Exceptional Quality 

Prehnite is the definition of a crystal healer as it not only heals the healer it also heals your surrounding environment creating an calming, revitalising oasis. Prehnnite deepens your trust in the Universe enhancing the Law of Attraction and allows you to feel certain that you will receive what you manifest. Prehnite also urges you to remain truest to your authentic self and encourages you to release any emotional baggage your body is holding on to. Prehnite emphasis the importance of having compassion, being accepting of others and their ideals as well as being able to fully allow yourself forgive.

Prehnite is also a fantastic crystal to use to connect with your higher self and your divine council in the higher realms. Place Prehnite by your pillow at night time to induce lucid dreaming.