Chakra Healing Crystal Kit


Chakra Healing Crystal Kit 

You will receive 7 crystals to target the Chakras along with 1 additional Large Rose Quartz Chunk to really open and expand your heart during healing. 

What you will receive:

7 Tumbled Stones

1 x Flower of Life Chakra Healing Wooden Crystal Holder 10cm

1 x  Dark Moon Crystals Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Root Chakra

1 x Obsidian Tumbled Stone 

Sacral Chakra

1 x Red Jasper Tumbled Stone 

Solar Plexus Chakra

1 x Mookaite Jasper Tumbled Stone 

Heart Chakra

1 x Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stone

Throat Chakra

1 x Sodalite Tumbled Stone 

Third Eye Chakra 

1 x Amethyst Tumbled Stone

Crown Chakra 

1 x Flower Agate Tumbled Stone

 *Photos are examples of crystals you will receive, each crystal is uniquely it's own