Amphibole Quartz Polished Free Form

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Amphibole Quartz is a rare from of Quartz which has inclusions of Lithium to bring calmness, Hematite to ground, Kaolinite to relieve stress and Limonite to aid in psychic protection. It’s all packed away, in a little package, of the powerhouse Quartz.

Amphibole Quartz is here to provide a strong connection to your Guardian Angel  and Spirit Guides to show you the path to find universal love and inner peace. AQ helps you break out of your negative cycles and assist you in reaching higher levels of consciousness.

Keep Amphibole Quartz in your home, sacred space or work to know you’re always being watched by your Angels. Make your space even more heavenly, by placing AQ with other angelic crystals such as Blue Celestite and Rutialted Quartz.

Keywords: Calm, Gentle + Loving Angelic Energy
Chakras: Crown + Third Eye