Wild Woman Higher Self Connection Crystal Grid

This grid has been created with the intent and knowing that you are living in alignment with your highest good, your highest self and you can access your intuition, guides and sacred knowledge within you at any given time.

  • Release the notion that you “can’t”
  • Release the self-doubt
  • Release the programming that you need to depend on others for answers

Repeat these statements 3 times:

I am divine
I am all-knowing
I am one with my highest-self


Higher Self Awakening // Crystal Grid // Sacred Geometry

How this grid is made and how you can recreate it at home.

Centre of the Grid
- Activates your upper chakra centres to allow free-flowing communication with your guides and higher-self
Base of Grid
- To ground your energies and offer you a blanket of comfort and protection
4 Defining Quadrants
- A master healer to radiate healing golden light through your entire etheric system. Unblocking and activating all your chakra centres.
- To cleanse and purify
- Extremely high vibrational stone to deepen your connection existing connection with with the divine making it easier every time you want to tap back into this and receive messages.
- Another extremely high vibrational stone that unlocks the sacred knowledge stored in your DNA. Strengthening your intuition allowing you to believe and trust yourself.
Rutilated Quartz
- To magnify and amplify these intentions while adding a proactive barrier around your auric field.
Allow these vibrational frequencies to wash over you, penetrating your physical, emotion, spiritual and etheric systems. Come back to this grid anytime you’re experiencing self-doubt and would like to deepen your connection to your guides and your higher-self to obtain answers from human experience.


Higher Self Awakening // Crystal Grid // Sacred Geometry


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