Higher Self Awakening Crystal Grid

Although this grid may look small, she is MIGHTY. This Higher Self Awakening Crystal Grid is packed full of the highest frequencies floating around DMC and I felt called to put this together during this specific timeline we are running through right now.

Your Higher Self is the most authentic version of YOU. It is your essence. It is the soul mission you can connect with in this reincarnation you are experiencing now. You living in alignment with soul’s true purpose and living in the way that brings you the most fulfilment and joy, is living in true alignment with your Higher Self.

In this grid, I’m directing the energies not only outward, but inward. By doing this , I can transmute the energy flowing in to the vibrational frequency that aligns with my Higher Self and allow it to flow outward again into the spaces I desire.

Higher Self Awakening Crystal Grid


Centre of the Grid

Apophyllite Cut Base


4 Outer Quadrants

Fire + Ice Points


4 Inner Quadrants

  Brazilian Clear Quartz Clusters


Crystals Pictured above:

Amphibole Quartz

Lemurian Seeds

Singing Quartz Points

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones

Angelite Tumbled Stones

Golden Healer Tumbled Stones


What do you feel what you take in this grid?
I’d love to hear the emotions it invokes if you would like to share that with me below.



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