Goddess Energy Activation Crystal Grid

Align with us, the Goddess and reconnect with the sacred energies of the Divine Feminine.
Feel our ancient power and wisdom rising within you, strengthening your intuitive harmony with universal consciousness (an excerpt from a channeled message I received for Terra Qi Goddess Oracle.
Goddess Energy Activation Crystal Grid


Cellular Activation with the Goddess

  • Take in 3 deep breathes and keep your eyes focused on the grid before you.
  • Allow the sacred energies to wash over you, while you innately feel their remembrance.
  • Let their light codes activate your human and etheric system.
  • When you feel ready to do so, express your gratitude for the activation of divine energy that you have just received.
  • Drink lots of water and hold your favourite crystals for an extra surge of healing.


Crystals Pictured above:

Singing Quartz Points

Amethyst Rough Tips

Amethyst Points

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stones

Rose Quartz Roughs

Hematite Tumbled Stones

Pink Rose Petals


Centre of the Grid

Peach Moonstone Rough


4 Quadrants of the Grid

Peach Moonstone Obelisks



Enjoy this healing crystal grid to activate goddess energy and come back to it as often as you feel called to. 

Love, Leah
Owner Dark Moon Crystals

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